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Date: 12/08/2019

Title: Is RPA Reaching its Limits?

Teaser: RPA is not, as the general hype suggests, the «universal remedy» for process automation and bridging of missing interfaces. How can intelligent automation in combination with RPA nevertheless succeed?

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The Robot will Always Reach its Limits Where Cognitive Abilities or Continuous Learning are Required

Despite all the hype and promises surrounding RPA, it must be said quite frankly that the use of robots is currently still limited. This is mainly due to the stringent framework conditions. Like their human colleagues, robots also need clear specifications in order to be able to work efficiently.

Author: Julia Neufang

The boundaries of RPA can be well illustrated taking a handwritten letter as an example. Basically, important content can be contained, but identifying it may already be a challenge for a human, but for a robot it is an almost unsolvable task. To turn this into a business case is therefore not worthwhile, compared to the current standards.

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In a Customer Center, too, a robot cannot yet compete with a human being. The robot sorts requests by incident, type of request or complaint. Often the same problems or inquiries arise from different customers. A person would immediately recognize that there is a gap in the company's range of services and would inform the product development department accordingly. However, a robot decides from case to case, but is not able to understand the overall context.

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It is therefore not surprising that we are repeatedly confronted with similar issues in our day-to-day consulting work:

  • How can a robot process semi- or unstructured data?
  • Which cognitive elements can be linked to RPA?
  • What are the possible combinations with «Text Analytics»?
  • Which service models are possible?

How to overcome the stringent framework conditions in the future

The future possibilities of RPA are very promising. Thus, robots will be able to learn from user interactions, independently make automation suggestions and perform tasks autonomously. They will be able to recognize changes or errors in the underlying IT system landscape and react to them independently.

Currently, there are already some remarkable solutions, including

  1. The integration of more intelligent technology stacks and
  2. The interaction of robots and humans in the process steps that require cognitive abilities.
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In the next article we will show and describe concrete services and options of our RPA partners UiPath and BluePrism.

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Julia Neufang

Category | 01.12.2019

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